Jack Pyke Lightweight Mesh Balaclava

Jack Pyke
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Sometimes the weather and the environment can get ugly out there, that is why it important to consider how to protect every body part as well as ensuring you stay concealed and away from the eyes of your target. With the Jack Pyke Lightweight Balaclava you can achieve both of these in comfort and style. 

Designed to fit most head sizes the balaclava features an elasticated face surround and a face veil that can be worn either up or down depending on the situation. It is printed with a camouflage design that when working with other items will ensure you stay concealed and out of sight when it matters most.

Although this product is excellent for keeping out the wind and rain it is also designed for maximum comfort with breathable materials to ensure that the user stays dry from the inside and out. When space and weight is an option this balaclava is brilliant as it easily packs down and will fit into most pockets. 

Matching this balaclava with the Jack Pyke Hunters Jacket in English Oak and Jack Pyke Hunters Trousers is a great way to ensure that you stay comfortable, dry and unseen when hunting or shooting.
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