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When it comes to purchasing your hunting gear, arguably the most important and yet most difficult decision to make is which pair of boots you should buy. Getting it wrong can mean wet feet and ultimately a lot of pain and discomfort. Getting it right and you shouldn’t have to give your boots a second thought. The Bestard Hunting Boots – Explorer AG are reliable, flexible and comfortable addition to your hunting wardrobe.

Made from the best materials available and designed specifically for use in hunting the Bestard Hunting Boots holds all the technology you need to keep you feet dry and comfortable even on the most demanding hunts. With advanced technology used across all elements including the upper, lining, midsole, sole and last this boot really does offer the complete package in hunting footwear. The key materials and features include:



The durable upper of these boots is made from water repellent 2.7mm full grain leather and rubber. The Amfibic full-grain leather used is an ideal material for use in a hunting boot due to its consistency making it highly durability, tough and resistance against water and the cold. Rubber is also used for its highly durable and resistant qualities.

The finer details of the boot are what make it stand out as a winner in the hunting space. These details include the high quality hooks and eyelets used to secure the laces in place that are all made from highly corrosion resistant materials and are individually mounted onto the boots with great care and precision. This eye for detail provides a frictionless run for the laces and means that wear and tear becomes a much slower or even non-existent process. The laces themselves are manufactured to be water resistant, meaning they do not absorb water, leading to a much longer life.

Maybe not the most visible or most highly regarded feature of the shoe, but without quality thread your boots aren’t going to stay together for very long. Bestard select only the best quality thread available on the market to stitch their shoes. To double down on resistance on wear and tear they also always double seam the stitching on critical areas that take the most punishment.



These Bestard boots have adopted the finest technology in boot lining with the GORE-TEX® guarantee for waterproof and breathability technology. Specifically these boots are lined with the GORE-TEX® Insulated Comfort lining, this lining has been specifically engineered to deliver all day comfort for a range of winter weather conditions including rain, snow and ice. Not only is this lining excellently designed to keep the heat in and the water out but its breathable structure means that sweaty feet are not going to add to your problems when you just want to focus on the job in hand.



One of the most important but often overlooked components of any pair of boots is the midsole. This is the part of the boot that makes full contact with your foot and supports the full weight of your step.

The sole that had been carefully selected for this boot with the specific purpose of hunting is the Bestard BESTFLEX 6/Semi-Rigid. This midsole has been specially designed for activities such as shooting and hunting in complicated terrains but with a built in degree of flexibility for comfort during longer treks.



Arguably the most technical and well researched part of any boot is the sole unit. This is the part of the boot that creates the grip between you and the surface, it’s ability to do it’s job directly impacts your level of safety. 

Bestard have carefully selected the sole unit for this pair of boots and have included the use of the SUV Multifunction AG + EVA, designed and used extensively in everything from trekking to hiking to hunting and made from multifunction and textile compound. This new and revolutionary sole unit has been created to perform specifically on all types of potentially slippery surfaces where a standard rubber sole may not be up to standard. These surfaces can range from anything such as icy and snowy winter walks, wet and humid rocks with mossy surfaces right through to climbing in and out of your vehicle with all your hunting gear.

The sole achieves its superior grip through a worldwide patented innovation made up of advanced industrial processes that permit the combination of multiple kinds of materials together. Including a high tech textile cylinder in each lug, hard rubber with a high abrasion resistance for protection of the softer areas of the sole, a soft rubber compound for enhanced grip and EVA micro porous midsole for shock absorption.



Not only are these boots built to last, but they were built on a last. The last dictates the shape of the shoe, how well it will fit your foot and ultimately how comfortable it will be for you to wear.

These Bestard Hunting Boots have been built on the Europa XW, a standard last with medium to high width, perfect for those with a regular foot shape.



When you find the right pair of boots taking care of them to prolong their lifecycle is an important consideration. We recommend using the Bestard Active Cream to nourish and revitalise the leather and Bestard Protector to maintain the waterproof qualities of the boots.

As we can see these are a solid pair of boots by Bestard, designed specifically for hunting needs. The technology contained within them make them one of the best for the job, keeping you steady footed, dry and comfortable so you can focus on the job in hand.





Forest Line :: Hunting


UK 5 / 13


Water-Repellent 2,7 mm Full Grain Leather / Rubber


GORE-TEX® Insulated Comfort


Bestflex 6 / Semi-rigid


Europa XW


SUV Multifunction BG3 + EVA


1.900 grs / par (size UK 8)

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