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For those cold, long days and nights of hunting it is important to stay warm, comfortable and unseen. This is why there are certain pieces of kit that are key to helping you remain comfortable and focused on the task in hand whatever the weather might throw at you. The Jack Pyke Bob Hat in Green is made with innovative Thinsulate Thermal Insulation and designed to trap and hold your body heat. Perfect on a cold winters day or long cold night it can be used for anything from deer stalking to shooting. This hat really is an essential part of any hunting kit and is coloured green to ensure it fits with the rest of your camouflaged hunting gear.

Thinsultate are the world leaders in insulation design and their products are specifically designed for apparel, for everything from footwear to hats, gloves and insulated clothing. The Thinsulate technology featured within this hat works by trapping air molecules between yourself and the outside world. Because the microfibers within the hat are thinner than normal they can trap more molecules in a much smaller space, giving you a lighter, warmer hat to wear.

We also stock this hat in the colour black and you can view it by clicking here.

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