Jack Pyke Camo Wildfowlers Cap

Jack Pyke
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There are certain bits of kit that can make a huge difference to how you perform even the simplest tasks. This Jack Pyke Camo Wildfowlers cap has a couple of simple but genius features that will make your hunting all that much easier and more efficient. The key tool featured on this cap is a row of 5 LED’s built into the peak with an on/off switch built in under the peak. This feature means you can easily search your kit or the surrounding area, just in your line of vision, without the need for a handheld torch or clunky strap mounted head torch.

Not only does the cap come with a handy torch in the peak, but is also comes in camouflage to help you blend into the surroundings and to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your hunting gear. The fleece lining and fold down neck/ear flap ensures this cap is both practical and comfortable and the brushed cotton means it is both stylish and breathable.

We recommend adding this hat to the Jack Pyke Fieldman Fleece Pullover or Jack Pyke Hunters Jacket to blend in to the environment and keep out of site of the target.
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