Jack Pyke Fleece Fieldman Hat – English Oak

Jack Pyke
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When hunting you want to spend all your energy and focus on tracking the target, not on staying comfortable and warm on cold winter days and nights. With a large amount of body heat escaping through your head it is important to choose the right headgear to keep the cold out and the warmth in. This Jack Pyke Fleece Fieldman hat does just that, as well as containing some other practical features that are useful whilst on the hunt.

Made from fleece non-pil polyester this hat is both comfortable and hardwearing to ensure you can focus on the task in hand. It also features a Velcro shin strap, both perfect for keeping the hat secure in windy conditions and making sure that the heat stays in.

With a camouflage print the hat will both fit seamlessly with the rest of your hunting gear and clothing as well as ensuring that you stay blended in your surrounding environment.

This hat would fit perfectly with the Jack Pyke Hunters Jacket in English Oak or the Jack Pyke Lightweight Balaclava to ensure you keep warm and out of sight when it counts for the most.

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