Jack Pyke Lightweight Fleece Top

Jack Pyke
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Sometimes when trekking or stalking the weight of your equipment can be a real issue. With the Jack Pyke Lightweight Fleece Top you can gain all the benefits of a warm layer without the hassle of carrying an extra heavy item.

Ideal as a layering option when the weather is unpredictable this fleece is made from 100% checked polyester fleece making it both warm and lightweight. Not only is it practical but also with features such as a neck zip and elasticated bottom drawstring this fleece can be secured down when the wind picks up or the environment becomes less forgiving.

Due to the lightweight nature of the fleece it will also clean and dry quickly, ideal for longer term hunting trips.

This fleece comes in green to help you blend into your surroundings and will pair up with the rest of your hunting kit perfectly. We recommend using this fleece as a layering option alongside the Jack Pyke Hunters Jacket in English Oak and the Jack Pyke Countryman Trousers to keep you warm, comfortable and out of sight when you need it most.
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